Fashion Weeks highlight the latest trends, thus helping us to decide what to carry up. But what about nail polish? Nail polish knows no season and it is always trendy. Nail art can never become out of fashion. So if you are looking for some nail arts that are trendy and are not ordinary. Nail arts bring out the colours of life. Just check out the list of nail art trends of 2018!

1. Brown manicure

A still of Brown Manicure
Brown Manicure

Nail art made on the squoval shaped nails with the use of brown color looks stunning. The matte finish and the design on the two fingers adds a shine to the design. Pull it with the outfit you like and rock it on the streets of glamour and trend.

2. Negative space nail art

A still of Negative space nail art
Negative space nail art

The black color is liked by mostly everyone but Black is basic we think at the time of nail paints. The designs of this nail art can blow anybody’s mind. It would not be wrong to say that it suits best on the almond-shaped nails.

3. Aqua rose nail art

A still of Aqua rose nail art
Aqua rose nail art

It always feels amazing to have words imprinted on the nails. Aqua green (turquoise) color nail art have words with the pretty rose at the corner. This is one of the most popular nail art trends of 2018.

4. Pearl Nail Art

A still of Pearl nail art
Pearl nail art

This is one of the most beautiful nail art trends designed especially for the brides. White color pearls of different sizes are used to make this design. Also, glittery silver nail paint is adding a shine to the design.

5. Stunning Purple

A still of Stunning purple nail art
Stunning purple nail art

Glittery purple with the mirror silver color is becoming one of the most loved nail art trends of this year. The black line is cleverly placed in between both colors which give this nail paint a glamorous look.

6. Black Accent

A still of Black accent nail art
Black accent nail art

A black block in the middle of the square-shaped nails is almost what you square-shaped. The design is beautiful due to its minimal design and easy to make. Running out of time try it and also can be carried with almost every outfit.

7. Colour Blocking

A still of Colour blocking nail art
Colour blocking nail art

The art always gets attention when it is unique. The blocks of different sizes and different shapes is the plus point of this nail art. Want to look center of attraction carry on this nail paint which is one of the most adored nail art trends of 2018.

8. Guild nail art

A still of Guild nail art
Guild nail art

Art done on the blue colored nail paint using golden glitter paint looks stunning.  The guild nail art always has the specialty to give a shine to a normal design. The golden color used at the end of nails is the plus point of nail art.

9. Doggy Nails

A still of Doggy nail art
Doggy nail art

The white stripe made at the top of the nails have a white stripe with dog foot designed on it with black paint. The face on ring finger can blow anybody’s mind. Rest is left nude to show the natural color of the nails.

10. Galaxy Nail Art

A still of Galaxy nail art
Galaxy nail art

It always feels awesome to have galaxies on the nails and nail art trends this year are incomplete without these. The galaxy imprinted nails on the ballerina shaped nails. Galaxy Nail art can blow everyone’s mind and heart when carried on even with the usual outfits.

These are few of the most popular nail art trends of this year. But do not forget to experiment on your own!

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