(Eyeliner shapes) Eyes are a mirror which reflects emotions. They are a doorway to your heart and lashes are the perfect curtain. A lot of truth lies in our eyes. So, we should also give importance to such an important part of our face and soul.

I believe that all women are born beautiful and pretty without makeup, but they can be pretty powerful with the right kind of makeup. Makeup enhances your look, it changes you completely and boosts up your personality and makes you feel confident about yourself. The right kind of makeup makes you look impressive whereas the wrong one leaves a really bad impression. Therefore, to survive in this world of competition there is a great need to work according to the new trend or set your own trends.

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When talking about makeup, eye makeup is the first milestone we cross. Yes, it is a small part for makeup but it includes a lot of things. From base to eye shadow, from eye shadow to kajal, mascara, and lashes. And the most important all, the one that can make your eyes look beautiful or can turn them into a disaster is the eyeliner.

So, here is a list of different eyeliner shapes for your beautiful eyes to stand out!


The basic shape involves only a little of your eyeliner covering your complete upper lash line. You can use either pencil or liquid eyeliners to do this. You just have to start from the inner corner and end it at the outer corner. Just increase the width a little at the outer corner and end it with a tip. This type of eyeliner is good when you wish to look simple and elegant. It is suitable for all types of shapes of the eyes.

eyeliner shapes: basic eyeliner


This one covers both the upper and the bottom lid and highlights your eyes. Pencil liner is perfect for this, but if you are comfortable with the liquid then continue using it. For this you need to start from the upper lash line and the other stroke begins from the middle of lower eyelid. Then join the two at the outer corner of the eye. This looks best with asymmetrical eyes and round eyes. It allows giving proper shape to your eyes.

eyeliner shapes: double up liner


Drama makes you look bolder and beautiful at the same time. It goes with the smoky eye makeup and a nice bright eye shadow. Both liquid and gel liners can be used. To achieve this look, thick the upper line that in the inner corner of the eye splits into two small queues. The bottom line is on the waterline and is joined to the upper prolonging the shape of your eye. You can carry this eye makeup in parties and events.

eyeliner shapes: eye drama


It only covers the upper eyelid. Use liquid liner for this shape. You have to begin in the same way as done in basic part. But, you need to make a broader line than the basic one it should cover a major part of your upper eyelid. This look makes your eyes look bigger and beautiful. You can wear this eyeliner daily at your workplaces or college. It looks great on almond and round eyes.

eyeliner shapes: bold eyes


This look is one of my favorites it goes with every dress and occasion. It is also known as winged liner. The pencil liner is the preferred eyeliner for this look. You just need to start from the middle of your eyes and at the eye split just make a winged shape and then darken it. It gives a cat eye look to your eyes and gives a perfect shape to your eyes. It is best suited for the ones who have down-turned eye shape.

eyeliner shapes: feline eyeliner


This looks great on people with almond eyes. The upper line curve in an arch that goes from outer corner of the eye along the line of the eyelid. The bottom line goes from the middle part of the eyelid opening downwards to the proximity of the end of the eye. Liquid and pencil liner both are the preferred ones. Shaded eye shadow looks best with eyeliner shapes similar to this one.

eyeliner shapes: double mod


This is the best look for the people with with mono-lid eye and the upturned eye types. This look provides a thick shaded line to your eyelids. You just need to apply a thick eyeliner and then kohl in your eyes. After your eyes are partially dry smudge your eyes with your finger and pair it up with a black or grey eye shadow. Models wear these types of eyeliner in various fashion events. This somewhat gives a different look than all the others.

eyeliner shapes: panda smudge


This ancient Egyptian eyeliner style is one of the most unique eyeliner shapes. It looks best on the small and down turned eyes. The line of the lower eyelid ends curving upwards and lower waterline. It covers both the lash-line and waterline on the lower eyelid. There is a downward curve near the inner corner of the eye.

eyeliner shapes: egyption


This look is is best suited to people with close set eyes and symmetrical eyes. It includes line that completely surrounds the eye. Starting from the inner corner of the upper eyelid extends beyond the outer corner which continues on the lower eyelid. It makes your eyes look sharp and leaf shaped.

eyeliner shapes: Luxe Liner

All these looks are according to your eye types. Just pay a little attention to your eyes as they are the first thing that attracts people towards you. With the right kind of eyeliner and make up you can easily achieve your goal. I hope you all like it.

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A lot of glam, sass and chic is on its way! Stay tuned and just swish your way through!! 😉

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