oral sex facts

Oral sex is when you give pleasure to your partner by licking and sucking his/her genital parts. It might give a disgusting feel to some but is liked by many, trust me. You might not have encountered people telling you about some of the most interesting oral sex facts because in India, they still feel hesitant about sharing their sex life but this is definitely an enjoyable sexual activity. Oral sex is very stimulating as it involves sucking of your genital which increases their sensitivity and thus making your orgasm the best you could have.

Here are the list of some oral sex facts that you were never aware of!

1. It’s Not Always Safe


You must have read everywhere that there are no chances of getting pregnant through oral sex and also involves no other harm. It is only a pleasurable sexual activity. But this is not true. Yes, oral sex is not the safest type of sex. There are chances you might get STDs from the person you are getting involved with. You need to be very cautious while having oral sex with anyone you’re not completely sure of. Though it does not cause pregnancy as the sperms get destroyed as soon as they enter the digestive tract but, you cannot say anything about STDs.

2. Semen Has Calories


Semen might sound like a slimy material to you but in actual it can be of great importance to you. It has got varied health benefits. According to certain oral sex facts, semen has a high-fat content in it which makes it good for those who are willing to swallow it while having oral sex. Also, it has another beauty benefits. Women who like the idea or oral sex or is comfortable with it must try this once. And, for those who have disgust for it should keep a distance from it. No one can be forced to get involved in it. It is a pleasure giving activity so must be done with someone’s consent.

3. Food Affects The Taste

semen taste

Yes, you read that right. Food definitely decides how does the semen or female ejaculation taste. Onion, garlic has sulfur content in them which is why they make your semen smell so weird and taste bad as well. The type of food you are eating just before your sexual activity decides whether your partner will feel pleasure during oral sex or not. If you want your partner to come in your mouth then you need to make sure you have some sugary or citric food before you start with your mouth fuckery. So, be very careful with your diet while you plan to have sex.

4. It Might Not Always Be Pleasurable

throat cancer

Oral sex facts say that it does not always mean pleasure. It does sound interesting to some but for many, it is horrible as well. You should never force your partner to get involved in any sexual activity that he/she does not desire to. Though an act of sexual pleasure it still involves emotions and is only pleasurable when both of you are actually indulged towards it. Also, it might cause a sore throat or throat cancer. Blowjobs, after all, involve secretions from genitals. This must be done with proper protection, with use of a condom.

5. Semen Is Your Beauty Enhancer


One of the rarely talked about oral sex facts is that semen contains fats which are helpful for your body. Some like swallowing semen while oral sex which is not wrong as long as you are comfortable with that. You might think this to be very unhygienic but to your surprise, this is not. Swallowing semen has nothing wrong with it. In fact, it is good for those who swallow it. It has certain chemicals in it that can even make your skin healthier. Though the effects are not that prominent, they never do have any bad effect on your body.

6. Female Ejaculation Might Be Pee


This is something you have never thought about even in your worst scenarios. Imagine while licking your girl’s vajayjay what you swallow is her pee and not her sweet ejaculation? This is the worst possible thing I know but this is true. It is normal that she pee while getting a oral intercourse. And even more when she gets one on a heavy bladder. The muscles that are present in her vajayjay serves both the purpose which is why this is possible. So, you never know what is there in your mouth and what are you about to swallow.

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