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Whenever thinking about “Those Days” of the month we think of pain, cramps, and irritation. We don’t even like talking about periods. Constant mood swings and Blood all around is a big hate for all. And during these days if bae says ‘SEX’, then it’s a big NO. No, we don’t want sex, no we don’t want any more mess. But did you ever think that Period Sex could be actually better than normal intercourse? Still confused how? Then there are the answers to all your how, what, where, when.

What all you need?

A still of Period sex can be risky
Period sex can be risky

When getting indulged in Period Sex the first and foremost thing you need is a partner who doesn’t find it gross or disgusting. Then the other need is a towel and a protection. Keep in mind Period Sex can at times be risky. So it is better to be safe and use protection.

It isn’t that Messy!

A still of Periods isn't all messy
Periods aren’t all messy

Yes, the first thing that enters our mind is that it must be messy. But, no, it isn’t that messy. All you need is a towel to cover your bedsheet before you do it. You can also have shower sex if you don’t want any stains on your sheets. And always keep in mind that it is just blood and nothing to get disgusted about. Even if there is a stain on sheets do not panic just take the sheet off and wash. The stain is not a permanent one or irremovable.

It is Just Blood!

A still of Periods is just blood
It is all just blood

Blood is your body fluid. Blood is natural and a part of your body. Then why to find it disgusting? Just like his body ejects semen, in period your body ejects blood. And there is nothing that dirty because it is just normal blood. So, stop panicking about it and have fun during the session. Moreover, your body won’t give out tons of blood. A female bleeds only 40-50 ml in the span of 3-4 days. In that case, during the session of a few minutes, you will not even bleed 5 ml.

Why is Period Sex better?

A still of Sex during period is better
Sex during period is better

Well, period sex has its own benefit. One of the prime benefits is fewer cramps, less pain. It has its own scientific reasons for sex leading to less pain during a period. Another benefit is the natural lubricant which helps to work at full steam. It not only helps in painless sex but also improves mood and lessens cramps.

Now, do you want any more reasons to believe that Period Sex is not as bad as you think?

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