sex games

When someone says sex, we hear fun. But, what if this fun session of ours becomes monotonous and has no fun left. Sometimes this fun bores us because we don’t try anything new. Or maybe we don’t change our ways. And hence it is very important to change your ways and try something new once in a while, like playing some sex games.

Here are some fun sex games that you can try with your partner to bring back that excitement.


Sex cube
Sex cube

One of the most amusing sex games before actual sex is strip questions. Here all you have to do is ask your partner some questions which they have to answer. If they get wrong they have to take off one piece of clothing from their attire. Go turn by turn and for each wrong answer one piece of cloth comes off. To add some more fun you can play this game while sipping alcohol at every question. Some sexy questions, some controversial answers and stripping yourself sum up to make it fun.


drunk couple having sex

What could be more fun than playing drunk? You are in your senses. You know what’s happening but give it a kinky tinge by acting strangers. This would make it more interesting for the both of you. Act as if you don’t know each other. Act as if you are drunk and wasted and let the fun begin.



Why play the same sex games. Try something different with cross-dressing. Here you choose your attire from your lover’s wardrobe and dress in their clothes. Don’t forget to wear the lingerie, even that is a part of the attire. And make a memorable intercourse.



A touch can always get him horny. Then just imagine what a message will do. Try massaging him/her after applying some kind of lotion or oils all over his/her body. Nothing could get them hornier than this.



Be a bit nasty and try this game. Here you read out a book character and play that out with your lover. The story may be of anything, the scene maybe anything but you have to play the same with your lover. Do the same that is mentioned in the book and the way it is mentioned.


Reenact porn

Everybody has fantasies. Everybody wishes to fulfil these fantasies. Then why not fulfil them. In this game, you play a favourite porn movie or clip and watch that with your lover. Not only watch but also do the same that is shown in the movie. Here you could also fulfil one of your sex fantasies too.



Playing with the sex toys is so old-fashioned. And hence you should try one of these sex games where you blindfold your partner and ask them to feed you ice cream. While feeding if even a single drop spills the partner will have to lick that from your body. Blindfold and food make the best combination of excitement.



Sexy 20 questions

Role-playing is something that almost everyone tries at least once in their life. Here you choose roles which maybe doctor-patient, strangers or anything. And you and your partner act the same. The role play should be a bit dirty to make each other hornier.


role playing

Here, you and your partner start with cuddling each other and then play this game. The game starts with simple questions and then questions with some sexy tinge. You ask your partner some questions which would arouse his desires and make it more fun.


Intimacy through body paint

Before having sex ask your partner to paint your body with some food colour. This game will not only arouse the two of you but will make the session more fun. First, remove your clothes, ask your partner to paint and end this with a shower together.

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