Fashion trends are always changing. But this statement is not true in case of the Trend of Stripes. Well, Trend of Stripes is evergreen and ever trendy. Its craze is at the peak of the spring season. Stripes suit inside as well as outside wardrobe. It suits boys also but girls have more options to carry this trend. Stripes trend can be used in various ways.


Dresses with stripes
Stripes printed dresses

From Black and white the Stripes have changed to colorful. Stripes look much prettier when worn with the proper dressing rules. Short girls should try to wear this stripes trend in vertical lines rather than horizontal as it gives an impact of having much length.

stripes on nails
Stripes can be used in different ways

Today no one wants to hit the party without applying nail art. So the artist also rocked by bringing the Stripes trend in the nail art. As you can see that how much blissful and pretty it looks when applied.

We have chosen the best-striped dresses for you to add to your closet!


stripes on handbag
This design can make even bags beautiful

Girls are never ready without a handbag or clutch. Just look how much Stripes provide grace to these handbags. Want to change the style of fashion handbag try this stripes trend, you will never be disappointed.

We have chosen the best-striped bags for you to add to your closet!

Hair accessories

Hair accessories with stripes
Colourful Stripes are beautiful

Hair bands, rubber bands, pins there are so many hair accessories. You can carry Stripes trend even with the casuals and rock it. The look is unbeatable when matched with the proper dressing sense. This printed design has the additional benefit you don’t have to wear so many accessories with it.

We have chosen the best-striped hair accessories for you to add to your closet!


stripes trend in bellies
Footwear looks fabulous with stripes

The Stripes are common in the shoes. But it doesn’t mean that trend has become old. Sandals, boots, and heels all the footwear looks awesome when they are having printed lines on it. Footwear is not just for comfort but also for show off.

Well that was about the fashion in wardrobe now let’s look out of wardrobe


stripes trend in bedsheets
Bold Stripes are always pretty

The bedroom is the most comfortable place and everyone wants to decorate it in a possible way. Bed sheets, pillow covers, quilts when designed with Stripes, then the look of the bedroom will never fade. Striped designed bedroom accessories are available in the market in various designs.


stripes on crockery
Striped crockery looks elegant.

A cup of Tea is not just cup of tea but also it tells the sense of choice. Crockery represents the nature of lifestyle. So why not try the Stripes in crockery. Striped crockery gives a new and bold look to the kitchen.

Wall Paint Designs

stripes wallpaint design
Stripes can be used in various ways

Wall Paint Designs fill the colors in the lives. Stripes when used as a wall paint design, adds the glamour to the room. Look the glamour of living room whose walls are having this design.


stripes trends in curtains
The printed lines are always trendy.

Curtains are not just for the shade but also for a glamorous look to the room. Stripes of different colors when printed for a curtain, the room will get a fabulous look.

Use this trend as you want and become unbeatable in the line of fashion.

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