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things women should take care before their first sex

Things women should take care before their first sex

Sex is a natural thing. Sexual intercourse is yet more natural. Everyone has their sexual urges. These urges are not bad. But, for the...
intimate couple

Things Men Should Take Care Before Having Sex For The First Time

Losing your virginity is "Oh Yeah!" moment for you. It's gateway for boys to their manhood. We all want it to be special. Since...
one night stand stories

5 Women Reveal Their One Night Stand Stories

India is a country where sex is still a taboo. But in big cities, women have many such encounters. By encounters, we mean sexual...
oral sex facts

Interesting Oral Sex Facts – Things That Were Never Told

Oral sex is when you give pleasure to your partner by licking and sucking his/her genital parts. It might give a disgusting feel to...
period sex

All about Period Sex – Is It Good Or Bad?

Whenever thinking about “Those Days” of the month we think of pain, cramps, and irritation. We don’t even like talking about periods. Constant mood...

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