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things women should take care before their first sex

Things women should take care before their first sex

Sex is a natural thing. Sexual intercourse is yet more natural. Everyone has their sexual urges. These urges are not bad. But, for the...
one night stand stories

5 Women Reveal Their One Night Stand Stories

India is a country where sex is still a taboo. But in big cities, women have many such encounters. By encounters, we mean sexual...
oral sex facts

Interesting Oral Sex Facts – Things That Were Never Told

Oral sex is when you give pleasure to your partner by licking and sucking his/her genital parts. It might give a disgusting feel to...
period sex

All about Period Sex – Is It Good Or Bad?

Whenever thinking about “Those Days” of the month we think of pain, cramps, and irritation. We don’t even like talking about periods. Constant mood...

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