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types of bras

5 Types of Bras We Need To Buy This Season

A woman is most beautiful when she's confident. She needs to feel unabashed and sanguine within and without. When she struts down the road...
one night stand stories

5 Women Reveal Their One Night Stand Stories

India is a country where sex is still a taboo. But in big cities, women have many such encounters. By encounters, we mean sexual...
Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2018

Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2018 For Women

With every changing season, the need to refresh wardrobe seems quite must. Our attire not only showcases our sense of styling but somehow helps...

Best Routine Skin Care For Women

Skin Care is an essential requirement of every woman in today's world. Pollution, dust, UV rays causes huge damage to the skin. Skin care...
eyeliner shapes

9 Beautiful Eyeliner Shapes

(Eyeliner shapes) Eyes are a mirror which reflects emotions. They are a doorway to your heart and lashes are the perfect curtain. A lot...
most beautiful women in the world

5 Most Beautiful Women In The World

(Most beautiful women in the world) We are all movie buffs and we just love comparing actors from all over the world. Which is...

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