A woman is most beautiful when she’s confident. She needs to feel unabashed and sanguine within and without. When she struts down the road in her high heels, her tank top and fitted jeans, the world must turn around and stop in its track to look at her. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of attention?

To feel comfortable in each dress, shirt or top, a perfectly fitted bra must be worn underneath to complement the body type and the material of the cloth finely.

It’s time to step out in your sundress to mystify and amaze! Go all out with your beautiful body radiate in this fierce heat.

Here is a list of trendy bras, which, in my opinion, should be part of our wardrobes!

Triangle Bra

A still of triangular bra
Triangular bra

A Triangle Bra is most commonly worn as beachwear, which not only supports but accentuates a woman’s breasts. It’s sexy, stylish and perfect for a day on the beach with your girlfriends! Here, check out this link below for a cute, red, floral triangle bra set which can be worn under a Kaftan or without!

Bandeau Bra

A still of Bandeau Bra
Bandeau Bra

You can wear a tank top in this scorching heat.You can wear Bandeau bra under tank tops.  The super comfortable cottony touch on the skin will soak up an excessive sweat and give enough ‘breathing space’ for the breast skin. This will not only create an amorous look but will also help you exude confidence in this exhaustive weather. GO strapless!

T-shirt bra

A still of T-shirt bra
T-shirt bra

‘Tis the season of laying out on beach chairs with mock-tails and the latest edition of Cosmo. Put on your shades and that ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ T-shirt from high school and tie your hair up in a messy bun. To feel even more at ease, you need to have this must-have bra to reduce the appearance of unsightly lines under the T-shirt and help you move around effortlessly.

Mesh Lace Bra

A still of Mesh lace bra
Mesh lace bra

To be very honest, it isn’t very supportive and I wouldn’t recommend ascending or descending stairs in Flash-like speed to receive your much-awaited Amazon delivery. It is, however, breathable, trendy and comfortable. It can be worn under your overalls for a romantic stroll out near a beach at night or on a candle-light dinner with your significant other.

Strappy Back Bra

A still of strappy back bra
strappy back bra

Feeling a little bold today? Throw on your reluctantly inviting plunging back-dress which is oh-so-longingly sitting in your wardrobe. You need to enliven your look with a strappy back bra, which will complement your dress and stir the minds of many. A lazy, carefully done messy bun, with hair beads will look elegant and tempting in this get-up and give the town-folk something to talk about all summer.

Get out and be you. Gather your group of girlfriends and plan a night out in the town. Stay drop-dead gorgeous. Stay comfortably confident.

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