Who doesn’t want a perfect relationship with bae? Who doesn’t wish to be the best your partner could ever have? Everybody wills to have the best ways of doing it. Whether it be Sex or kiss you want it to be the perfect, especially when it is your first. Nobody likes disappointing other nor getting disappointed. Then how do you keep it the best? How do you make it the most pleasurable kiss of your life and be the best kisser for your partner? How do you seize the moment?

Here’s how you can be the best kisser for your partner!

1. Choose the Perfect Time

Still demonstrating to choose a perfect time to kiss

Never make a mistake here. You need to understand when it is the right time to kiss and when it isn’t. The best quality of a best kisser would be to understand the person’s body language and make a judgment if she wants it or not. If yes, then make a move and initiate a kiss. If no, then don’t force a kiss.

2. Keep it Real


Keep it real

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Always kiss the person only if you want to and not because it is the moment. The kiss should be real and not a fake one just because the moment wanted so.

3. Stay Fresh and Smell Good

Keep it real and fresh

Yes, one of the prime things. Your partner will never like to taste whatever you had for your meal. Your partner will never like tasting an onion or garlic. So, for a good kiss make sure you smell good. You should neither stink nor should your mouth smell.

4. Make a Proper Eye Contact

eye contact before a kiss

A best kisser would always make a proper eye contact before kissing. Making a proper eye contact doesn’t mean that you keep staring at your partner. It means that before initiating a kiss look deep into her eyes, let her know and then start. And never make a mistake of staring during a kiss. Your partner won’t appreciate your confidence rather it would creep them out.

5. Don’t keep it too long


Don't keep the kiss going too long

A best kisser always keeps taking breaks in between. Never make it a long and continuous one. Keeping it continuous would spoil it rather making it fun. Stopping in between, pulling yourself a little back and looking into her eyes would keep it interesting and fun.

6. Stay in the Moment

Stay in the moment

Don’t think about anything else in the world. Just stay in the moment. Make it a memorable one. Don’t think about what you said 10 minutes earlier or what you did at the restaurant. In that moment you want her and she wants you. Forget everything else and seize the moment.

7. Use your body

Use your body while kissing

Don’t just keep kissing her. Don’t just make use of your lips. Make it better. Make it more natural and lovely. Use your hands while kissing and fondling her, play with hair. This would not only stimulate a kiss but make those moments even better for you, more enjoyable for you.

8. Lips are only for Basics


Kissing on the neck

Always remember that lips are only for basics, a best kisser would go beyond that. The best kisser will never stay limited to lips but will always kiss the face at various places and make it a pleasurable experience.

9. Use some Balm

Use a balm

Whenever kissing, make sure your lips aren’t chapped and rough. Nobody wants a dry desert, using a balm will always help keep them soft. And don’t use some orange or oregano flavored balms. They are to keep your lips soft and not to give a yummy meal.

10. Your Tongue

Control your tongue

Your partner doesn’t expect you to give a full face wash. All they want is a Kiss. So, please keep your tongue in some control and don’t lick every inch and every cell of their face.

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